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Terry E. Acree

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Professor of Food Science & Chemistry

Campus address: 630 West North Street, Geneva, NY 14456
Phone: 315-787-2240


1968: Ph.D., Cornell University
1965: M.S., Cornell University
1963: B.A./B.S., University of California Berkley

Academic Ranks

Professor: 1981
Associate Professor: 1974
Assistant Professor: 1968

Primary Departmental/Unit Program Area
Flavor Chemistry and Olfaction

Areas of Expertise (key words): Flavor chemistry, Olfaction, Analytical Chemistry

Professional Experience

1981-present: Department of Food Science and Technology, Cornell University, New York, Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, New York
1974-1981: Associate Professor Cornell
1968-1974: Assistant Professor Cornell
1963-1968: Research Assistant Cornell
1961-1963: Laboratory Assistant USDA Berkeley

Sabbaticals and Study Leaves
1972-1973: Wine chemistry EVN, Portugal
1782-1983: Pesticide Chemistry, University of Philippines Losbanos
1983: Pheromone Chemistry, Kyoto University
1991: Flavor Chemistry, Hesergatta, India
2004: Flavor Science, University of Turin, Italy
2005: Flavor Science, Kasetsart University Bangkok, Thailand

Honors and Awards

1972-1973: Fulbright-Hays Senior Research Fellow, Centro Nacional de Estudos de Vitivinicolas, Dois Portos, Portugal. Developed methods of wine flavor analysis.
1983: Kyoto University Seventieth Anniversary Foundation Award. College of Agriculture, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan. Isolated and characterized kairomones and pheromone from fruit and plant pests.
1999: Fellow of the Agricultural and Food Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society.
2000: Excellence in Teaching Award: Food Science Institute Advisory Council.
2000: IFT Stephen S. Chang Award for excellence in flavor research.
2003: IFT Tanner lecture award

Grant Support

Current Grants/Contracts/Gifts

2006-07-085 (Lee , Chang) 10/1/2006 9/30/2008 FFF Initiative $54,828
Effect of Harvest Maturity and Vinification Techniques on the Wine

Quality of Lemberger & Cabernet Franc
I-23 (Vanden Heuvel , Justine) 4/1/2007- 3/31/2008
NY Wine & Grape Foundation - TQF $50,000
Improving the Quality of Hybrid Grapes and Wine

(Vanden Heuvel , Justine) 4/1/2008 3/31/2010
NYFVI - ARP $155,060
Improving the Composition and Wine Quality of Hybrid Grapes in New York State

(Sacks , Gavin) 4/1/2008 3/31/2009
-NYWGF - TQF $85,451
Influence of Microclimate and Mesoclimate on
Herbaceous-smelling Methosypyrazines, and Identification of Related
Compounds Responsible for Vegetal Character in Red Wine

Pending Grants/Contracts/Gifts

NIH (Lawless, Harry)
4/1/2807 $450,000 3/31/2010
Divalent Salts and Metallic Taste

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Current Administrative Responsibilities

Senator for CALS
Cornell Faculty Senate

Past Postdoctoral Associates

Deibler, Kathryn D. 2003-2004
Deibler, Kathryn D. 2000-2002
Mayol, Ana-Rita 1999-2000
Roberts, Deborah 1995-1996
Chisholm, Mary 1990-1991
Nishida, Ritsuo 1984

Other Current Research Professionals Supervised

Edward H. Lavin


Administrative Leadership

Mentor committee Vanden Heuvel , Justine

Courses Taught

FS430 Understanding Wine & Beer
FS616 Flavor Research

Current Teaching Assistants and Other Teaching
Support Professionals Supervised

Anne Kurtz
Rory Williams

Extension/Outreach Workshops, Field Days, and Conferences

Light in Winter "Perception" January 27

NY Wine Industry Workshop "Wine Flavor " Feb 24

NYC Alumn Assn. "Cornell and the NY wine Revolution" June 23

Flavor Research Workshop American Chemical Society (2 presentations) Aug 17,18

American Chemical Society Symposium Aug 21

Wartburg Flavor Conf. Germany March 1. “Qualia and Flavor Chemistry”

American Chemical Society Symposium “Wine Flavor” March 20

American Chemical Society Symposium “Flavor and Molecular gastronomy” March 21

Achems Poster “Adapation and Olfaction” April 27

Kyoto University Seminar " Flavor Perception" Nov 21

Hobart William Smith Class in "Wine flavor Research" Oct 31.

Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium “Perception of Mixtures.” Aug 13

Atlanta Cornell Alumni "The NY Wine Revolution" Oct 31

Singaopre University Chemistry Department Seminar Dec 18th

Internet Presence/Distance learning
Flavornet (
FS430 class web site

Graduate Majors

  Name Masters Ph.D.
1 Richard Rex Nelson 1977 1980
2 Lucia DeGroot Tyler   1979
3 David George Cunningham   1984
4 PeterAnthony Braell 1984 1986
5 Elhadi Maawi Yahia   1986
6 Kristin Frieda Bartik 1988  
7 Anna Belle Marin   1989
8 Julie Ann Cox 1991  
9 Ana Maria Bravo 1992  
10 Kenneth B. Shure 1992 1994
11 Deborah Dahl Roberts 1993 1995
12 Aurea Carrasco 1995  
13 Brigitte Martineau   1995
14 Jennifer L. Roy 1996  
15 K. Michael King 1996  
16 Yu-wen Feng 1996 2000
17 Rhonda Lavonne Smith 1998  
18 Jonathan Louis Licker 1998 1999
19 Peter Kheng-Chuan Ong   1998
20 Kathleen Nanette Kostival   1999
21 Jane E. Friedrich   2000
22 Kelly Anne House 2001  
23 Kathryn D. Deibler   2001
24 Han-Bin Chen 2002  
25 Jill Marie Richardson   2002
26 Katherine Kittel   2006


Professional Societies

Professional Honoraries
Fellow ACS, AGFD

Editorial Boards
Ag. Food Chem, 1992-2000
FFJ 1999 – 2002
Chemosensory Perception 2007-


Conferences/Workshops/in-service Participation
August 2002ACS Flavor Chemistry Workshop Boston
April 2003 Wine Grape Research Workshop
Aug 2005 ACS Flavor Research Workshop Washington

Invited Presentations
Kasetsart University Short course and Seminar
Kyoto University Seminar of Flavor Perception

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