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Quantitative and descriptive GCO techniques are used to detect aromas in extracts of food and fragrance materials. First described by T. E. Acree, J. Barnard, and D. Cunningham in Food Chemistry (14, 273-286, 1984) CharmAnalysis yields chromatograms in which the ordinates or y-axies are measures of odor potency, titer, or multiples of odor threshold. Peaks in these chromatograms can be integrated and associated descriptive words.

GCO using CharmAnalysis in our isolation room. Equipped with high resolution gas and liquid chromatographs, a mass spectrometer and two high resolution gas chromatograph - olfactometers (GCO), the flavor laboratory can measure both desirable and off-flavor substances in many kinds of foods. Although we specialize in fruit and vegetable flavor research, confections, baked goods, spirits and fragrances have also been tested.

Contract CharmAnalysis includes extraction with two solvents and preparation of a Charm chromatogram including integration and tabulation. If two samples are supplied for comparison, a statistical analysis is performed to identify significant differences. GCMS analysis including all mass spectra within 5 retention indices of the 10 most odor active regions can also be provided.