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Contract Analysis

Utilizing GCO and GCOMS hardware and software systems developed in-house, the Cornell contract services program has provided off-odor and flavor profiling studies for many of the largest food, flavor, beverage, and fragrance companies in the world. With an odor isolation room dedicated to volatile analysis including three on-line GCO and GCOMS systems as well as a staff with over 25 yrs. of experience in flavor analysis, the contract lab provides state of the art aroma analysis of consumer foods , raw materials, fragrance products, packaging and process materials as well as ambient air monitoring for odors.

Off-odor Analysis -- Price: $ 2500

Includes GCO screenings of two samples, one off-odor and one control, using multi-phase Headspace SPME GCO/ followed by a GCMS analysis to identify target odorants. Multiple columns can be employed with GCO screening by a GCO expert analyst. MS spectral and Flavornet Retention Index data as well as authentic commercial standard (if available) and odor quality descriptors are used to validate identifications of off-odor compounds in a samples of air, food , beverage, or packaging materials.

Analytical report consists of two GCO chromatograms delineating the odor-active compounds detected in the samples; descriptor labels for each odor; table compaing the samples; GCMS analysis with mass spectrum of targeted off-odor compound(s); retention index matching of odorants to published values on Flavornet RI Library and /or authentic commercial standards (as available).

A variety of sample prep methods are available for matching to clients wishes in terms of methodology including Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) , Twister (Gerstel); solvent/solvent ; SAFE; SPE; Restronasal Aroma Simulation (RAS).

Odor Profiling by CharmAnalysis™

CharmAnalysis is a dilution-based bioassay using GCO to fully characterize and quantify the relative potencies of the full array of odor-active compounds present in a sample. Followed by a through GCMS analysis of the odor-active regions of the GCO chromatogram, this analysis provides the most complete characterization of odor-activity in a sample. The analytical report consists of a Charm Response Chromatogram (equivalent of AEDA) which provides the retention index of each odorant detected; the numerical ranking of the relative odor potencies of each component; a normalized ranking based on highest rated odorant; description of the odor; and identifications based on FlavorNet Index matching, GCMS identification based on mass spectrum at target index as well as spectrum and index matching to authentic standards (if necessary).

Sample prep methods available for matching to clients methodology including SPME, Twister (Gerstel); solvent/solvent ; SPE; Restronasal Aroma Simulation (RAS)

Price: $4,500