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In May of 1963 I met Robert Sands Shallenberger for the first time in a bar on University Avenue in Berkeley. He talked about the subtle and complex structure of sugars with such passion that I was thrilled when, after several drinks and many marked-up napkins, he asked me to be a student in his lab.

Starting from Shallenberger's notion (Shallenberger 1963) that the initial event in the perception of sweetness was the hydrogen bonding of a stimulant to receptors on the tongue, we developed a model we called "The AH-B Theory" of sweet taste published in Nature in 1967.

Although it is hard to remember exactly what I contributed to the theory, I clearly remember the excitment of our discussions. In 1970 I gave a talk at a meeting of the American Association of Cereal Chemists in Excelsior Springs Missouri while Shallenberger gave one in Switzerland. A paper, published in the proceeding and reprinted here, summarizes most of my views of the subject as I left the study of taste and turned to the study of olfaction. - Terry E. Acree

Listed below are the key papers on AH-B published between 1963 and 1971.

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